3D - Quantum Integrated Optical Simulation
3D - Quantum Integrated Optical Simulation

News on Anderson Localization

Nature Photonics: News & Views


The role of quantum symmetries

Andrea Fratalocchi

News on Boson Sampling all around the word

The 3D-QUEST team has reported, together with other three independent groups all around the word, a simple implementation of the Boson Sampling. 

Photon devices could outperform ordinary computers


Experiments with light confirm the need for quantum machines.

Nature - News



Quantum Bayesian Networks


The Boson Sampling Flying Machine Race is On!



Experimental Boson Sampling



Steve Kolthammer, Justin Spring, Ian Walmsley 


For a detailed discussion the blog of Scott Aaronson (MIT):


The Boson Apocalypse


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